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Website URL
Services and activities Online: comprehensive set database with
reviews, news
Real Life: none
Year founded 1997
Membership type(s) Free to view, post reviews,
enter data about sets owned
Membership cost free
Target audience ALEs worldwide who wish set info
Discussion groups? No is a set database run by Huw Millington and Grahame Reid. It was founded in 1997 primarily as a means of keeping track of the multitude of promotional sets available around the world at that time. Since then it has expanded to cover all sets released since about 1980 (the 4-digit set number era) and now has details of some 5000+ sets and in 2013 ranked as the third most visited LEGO-related website [1].

The site uses high quality scans of instruction covers or boxes to illustrate database entries rather than catalogue scans. It also prides itself on being the most up-to-date resource on the Internet.

Visitors can write set reviews, rate reviews and record details of their collection and wants-list. Formerly, it was also possible to just make comments about sets, but this option was abused and was disabled; all existing comments were deleted.

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