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In addition to the standard wiki roles of editor, administrator, bureaucrat, and sysop, BrickWiki defines a role called Trustee. Trustees, as a group, make decisions such as how BrickWiki is goverened, what the wiki Conventions are, and who will be entrusted with elevated privileges. Trustees make decisions by consensus.


Consensus is achieved when a trustee's specific proposal has been discussed for a suitable period, most trustees accept it, and no trustee is opposed. Specifically, there is consensus if

  1. all trustees support it, or
  2. at least one other trustee supports it, no trustee opposes it, and at least one week has been allowed to discuss the proposal.


Because we recognize that circumstances change and things don't always work as planned, a trustee may move to reconsider a decision at any time.


The decision itself will be naturally be documented in the page where it is proposed. Incorporating the decision into the structure of BrickWiki usually requires a bit of extra work. Decisions about governance will usually require updating the Governance page. Changes to Conventions go on the Conventions page. Changes to the Administrator, Trustee, and Bureaucrat roles and membership are updated at the Administrators, Trustees and Bureaucrats pages, respectively. This list is not exhaustive; there may be other pages affected by a decision.

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