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Trustees are Brickwikians who, through their contributions to Brickwiki, have demonstrated good judgement, maturity and a willingness to work towards consensus for the benefit of the community.

Role and Responsibilities

Trustees are ultimately responsible for decisions that affect BW including such items as requests for adminship, fundraising towards server costs, and resolving open questions on conventions. This list is not exhaustive nor is the role of the trustees to dictate but rather to recognize or build consensus for the appropriate resolution of questions.

All trustees are required to make decisions based on input from active Brickwikians in the best interest of the community.

The following is a list of pages that Trustees are recommended to monitor. As such they make good places to discuss topics that affect BrickWiki (as appropriate for the given page).

Current Trustees

The current trustees are (in no particular order):

New Trustees

Nominations for new trustees are found on the discussion page. The current trustees make nominations and come to a consensus on a nominee but any active Brickwikian may comment - politely - on a nomination.

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