Brisbane LEGO Users Group

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Brisbane LEGO Users Group

Website URL -
Services and activities Real Life: Meetings, shopping trips
Year founded 2000
Membership type(s) casual area-based LUG with no formal memberships or process
Membership cost Free
Target audience General interest but geographic: ALEs in the Brisbane, Queensland, Australia area
Discussion groups? Open to anyone who can attend the meetings

Brisbane LEGO Users Group (BrisLUG) is the LUG for Greater Brisbane and the surrounding areas (Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and others) in Queensland, Australia.


BrisLUG began life as BUG in late 2000. The first meeting was held on Sat 14th October, 2000 with six attendees: Aaron Coghill, Mark Harrison (the host), Timothy Gould, Kerry Raymond, Melody Brown and Peter Parsons. Since then it has grown.

BUG changed its name to BrisLUG in late 2004.


Also related to BrisLUG is the Brisbane LEGO Train Group who display LEGO Trains layouts in model train exhibitions.

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