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Connection Types are the many ways to connect LEGO parts together using the various connection systems. Some of these systems, such as Stud and Tube are official LEGO ones, while others, such as Tile Edge and Stud Pair are fan devised, or at least, are not often seen in LEGO sets.

This category eventually should have articles on every known connection type. A few stubs have been started to show the general idea, but some of the stubs themselves are incomplete, they give verbals but should use renderings of the parts for clarity.

You are invited to create or expand articles in this category... it is one of the areas where BrickWiki may be the best way of documenting these sorts of things. Articles created should use the {{ConnectionSystem}} and {{ConnectionTypeBox}} templates. See Technic axle to Technic axlehole for a good example. Future articles should use the lowercase naming convention for their titles.

Note that there is a proposal at the site for a connection system categorization before the LSC but it's not clear how far along it is.

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