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A great ball contraption clock lift mechanism was proposed by Steve Hassenplug and defined by Brian Davis. "Picture a slightly tipped-back clock face, with a 'C' shaped cup on the end of the minute hand. At the bottom ('6 O’Clock') it scoops a ball (or balls) into the cup from a bin, rotating them up the face of the clock. Near the top (say between 11 & 12 O’Clock) the face is cut away, allowing the balls to fall out and into a chute or receiver."Davis It is arguably the same as a wheel lift.


  • Davis - The Great Ball Contraption


MOC builder explanation given image available video available instructions available follows GBC standard
wheel lift dr spock yes yes yes no yes
GBC Wheel Lift 12x12 ALittleSlow yes yes yes yes yes
Ferris wheel Daniel Wirasantosa no no no yeship yes
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