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A term for a source or collection of building and ideas that can be used as a resource for users wanting to learn how to be better builders, or who want to solve a particular problem and want to know which technique they should try first.

See also: Category:Idea Books.

It is also the title LEGO chooses to use for manuals that come with some of the MindStorms and CyberMaster sets.

Suzanne Rich Green used the term 'constructopedia', although with a different meaning, in a talk at BrickFest (in 2003?).

The category:Techniques forms the start of an online constructopedia in that reading through the included entries will privide a number of ideas about ways to do things.

external links

  • [1] MIT MediaLab Constructopedia, (mostly but not all) LEGO
  • Art of LEGO by Fred Martin
  • LEGO educational division Constructopedia
  • Scans of manual for LEGO MindStorms v 1.0
  • Pneumatics Constructopedia by C S Soh

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