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Based on the standard definition of kit in the scale-modeling world all LEGO sets could be called kits. Perhaps because of the desire by TLC be seen as an open-ended toy or the lack of consistent scale the word is almost never used to describe official LEGO products.

Some AFOLs have created custom kits for sale. These are sets that are made using LEGO parts but designed, packaged and sold by private sellers, not The LEGO Company(TLC). These kits may or may not include non-LEGO elements (clone brand or custom elements).

Instructions are often available separately for these models for those who wish to use their own elements.

Convention Models

Many conventions offer attendees the chance to purchase limited edition custom kits produced for that specific event. Designed by fellow fans these kits usually relate to the convention theme for that year. For example one year BrickCon had a theme Bricks in Motion and the convention model featured a hand crank mechanism which produced movement in the model.

Custom Kit Sellers

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