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eBay is an online commerce site to facilitate buying and selling of new and used goods including LEGO related items. The site is worldwide with local subsites for many countries connecting thousands of buyers and sellers. It supports both straight sale and auctions.

Conflict with BrickLink

When the Bricklink site first opened it was called BrickBay but eBay threatened legal action and the name was changed in 2002.

Drop Shipping Scams

In late 2011 and early 2012 several AFOLs were made unwitting participants in a scam run through eBay that ripped off The LEGO Company.

  • Accounts were created on eBay and LEGO sets were offered at a significant discount from MSRP.
  • When the items were purchased the scammer ordered the items through S@H using the buyers name, a fake billing address and fake credit card numbers.
  • The items were shipped to the buyers directly by LEGO - this practice is legal and is called Drop Shipping.
  • The scammers then simply walked away from the fake credit card account leaving LEGO with an unpaid bill.
  • Buyers were not aware of any actual problems until they contacted LEGO and found that their name was on a watch list.
see: Forum post from Brickset

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