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When a builder describes a MOC as 8-wide or 4-wide it refers to the number of studs across the creation is. The term is most often used to describe trains or cars, but it can be used as a description for almost anything and is another way of expressing scale.

Trains in 1-wide, 2-wide, 4-wide, and 8-wide.

Common Usages

The following are common meanings for specific numbers.

  • 4-wide: the width of cars in sets for many years and considered a defining characteristic of the classic town scale.
  • 6-wide: when used for trains this is also known a L-Gauge.
  • 6-wide: when speaking of town or other modern themes this usually refers to cars and other motor vehicles and in the early 21st century was adopted as something of a standard in minifig scale sets starting with 4728 from the Harry Potter line.
  • 7-wide & 8-wide: Are used almost exclusively by the train community in debate over the best scale for trains (see: six-wide vs eight-wide).
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