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A great ball contraption Ferris wheel is a rotating series of cages, sweeping in a ball at the bottom and dumping it out at a high platform that tips cages. Can function as a clocker, requires a wide footprintDavis.

A variation is the Ferris lock. The idea is to use a long tray or "stretched cage" attatched to a wheel or large gear. It can scoop at the bottom of the cycle, and dump into a linear tray or chute at the top (lifts half a cycle, or one diameter, assuming non-pivoting tray with three sides (only the roof open)), or it can rise from under a bin and tip out near the top (lift only 1/4 of circle, assuming non-pivoting tray)Davis.


MOC builder explanation given image available video available instructions available follows GBC standard
Ferris wheel LegoGBC English no yes no no
The Witch pg52 English French no YouTube no Type 1

External References

Davis - The Great Ball Contraption

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