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Formally developed as an independent theme in 2009, there are a number of games that are played with LEGO. Most are miniatures games (units are individual men or vehicles and are moved using measurement rules) such as Evil Stevie's Pirate Game but some are LEGO realisations of classic board games such as Chess. Some are even unique to LEGO, and could not be easily realised in other media.


Set Lists

Set lists by theme, subtheme and year of release are available using the following resources.

BrickSet: set list Peeron: set list Bricklink: set list

Board Games

For many years AFOLs created games boards but in 2005 the first official chess set was released. In 2009 LEGO created a new theme made up of various board games some based on existing themes (ie: castle, pirates) while most have been original ideas.

It was in some of these board games that the first microfigures were introduced as playing pieces.

For more on board games see: board games

Video Games

A number of video games have been created based on various LEGO themes for different platforms.

For more on video games see: Category:Video Games

External Links

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