Greater Florida LEGO Train Club

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Website URL
Services and activities Real Life: Meetings, shows and displays
Online: website and forums
Year founded 2000
Membership type(s) informal
Membership cost none
Target audience General interest but geographic:
AFOLs in the state of Florida, Tampa and Orlando area and those willing to travel to either area to meet.
Discussion groups? Yes, open to all

Greater Florida LEGO Train Club (GFLTC) is the LTC for the State of Florida for those who like to meet and show off their train MOCs.



The club started when Dennis and Nick discovered Robin displaying his LEGO Trains at the H & R Trains Show back in the Fall of 1999. They talk for at least an hour about LEGO Trains and displaying at train shows. Just a few weeks later they met again, picked the club name and set the basic ground work for the club. By December of 1999, they did their first public layout as a club at the Great American Train Show (GATS) in Tampa, Florida and it was a big hit for all. Today the club has an ever growing membership and displays at numerous train show around the state of Florida.

Group Purpose

  1. Provide a place for adult fans of LEGO to meet and share ideas.
  2. Provide members a chance to display their creations in a public environment.
  3. Promote LEGO trains as a hobby in the state of Florida and around the world.
  4. Just have fun...

Club Goals

Create environment for the exchange of ideas, information, and skills relevant to LEGO brand of trains and to promote the hobby. Be an active group of delegates to the public and the LEGO Company, by displaying the endless possibilities of LEGO trains. Also help advance the growth of the LEGO Train product line.

Club Activities

  1. Maintain an on-line presence though the web sites and news groups.
  2. Conduct club meeting on a regular basis.
  3. Operate public displays of our trains around the state.
  4. Attend other related LEGO and Hobby Train events around the world

Club Events


Club Affiliations



No formal governance. Decisions are made by consensus among active members after discussion. The website is donated and there is no treasury.

External links

  • GFLUG Yahoo Group
  • GFLUG/GFLTC Group on Flickr
  • GFLUG on Facebook
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