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Hobby Trains is the term adopted by LEGO to describe their 9V Trains system. This was to distinguish the older line of products from the infra-red (IR) remote controlled trains introduced in 2006.

Hobby Train (10183)

In 2007 LEGO released a set called Hobby Train.

A new relationship with AFOLs was used to create this large set which was intended as a base from which to build many models. Printed instructions were included for 1 model, while a further 29 were published online through LEGO Factory. All models were designed by AFOLs who were invited to be part of the design team through Signal.

AFOLs involved: Steve Barile, Ben Beneke, Holger Matthes, Ben Fleskes, Chris Masi, James Mathis, Jeramy Spurgeon, Mike Walsh, Pierre Normandin and Tim Gould
Source: BrickJournal, issue no. 7
FAQ: ILTCO produced an FAQ (no longer available) as the AFOLs involved were contacted through ILTCO.

Future Developments

At the time of the release of this set the future prospects for the entire Hobby Trains line based around the LEGO Factory platform looked encouraging (see also: Save 9V Trains) with the company suggesting that further such projects in different themes would be forthcoming.

External Links

  • New Trains for 2010 but limitations persist by Mike Walsh - retrieved September 26, 2012 discusses the formation of the Signal team and includes a link to his White Paper on the state of LEGO trains at the time.
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