International LEGO Train Club Organization

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International LEGO Train Club Organization

Website URL
Services and activities Online: club registry, library, mailing lists
Real Life: organizes shows,
provides club services
Year founded 2003
Membership type(s) Club membership with 3 levels,
individual membership. Both free
Membership cost free
Target audience ALEs, especially trainheads
LTCs worldwide
Discussion groups? Yes, free to read and post with membership

ILTCO is the International LEGO Train Club Organization.

ILTCO is an umbrella organization for LEGO train clubs around the world, and has the charter to help clubs grow and prosper, and to share fellowship among LEGO train enthusiasts.

The current ILTCO officers (elections are held in odd numbered years for 2 year terms):

John Neal, instrumental in the creation of ILTCO, and creator of the logo (as well as many club logos) was previously an officer but declined to run for re-election.

ILTCO was involved in the very successful NMRA National Train Show multiclub layout of July 2005.

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