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Junkbot is a Flash based puzzle game available on the LEGO site. The title character collects and recycles junk. The Junkbot is constructed from minifig legs plus a 2x2 and a 2xx 45 slope. Fans have have made statues of it.

The Junkbot game was developed by GameLab software who have done other work for LEGO as well. They also developed a sequel, Junkbot Undercover.

Basic game play

It is screen based, you have to clear a screen to move on to the next. Each screen is a puzzle in that you have to build your way from where Junkbot starts to one or more goals, and what you build and in what order controls where he will go. Each goal is denoted by a trash can that Junkbot has to empty. You get a imited supply of pieces to use, and only by careful placement can you create a path for Junkbot to get from where he is to where he must go. He can climb one step (brick) at a time so any two or more high brick assembly prevents him from moving. He will just dodge gaps if you haven't bridged them.

The screens get progressively harder, with fixed obstacles (some destructive) enemies of varying capacities, and special powers that let Junkbot (for a few seconds) do things like walk through fire, etc. You are measured on how many bricks you use to clear a screen and how fast, so even screens that you have cleared have good replay value

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