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Website URL http://www.ldraw.org
Services and activities Online: parts library, creation process, data reference, discussion.
Real Life: none
Year founded 2004
Membership type(s) general, officer, parts administrator
Membership cost free
Target audience ALEs worldwide, especially those interested in CAD
Discussion groups? Yes, free to read and post with registration

The LDraw.org organization is concerned with the LDraw standard, the LDraw parts library and with helping users of the family of tools. It hosts the repository for the parts library and provides the tools and facilities for reviewing parts and revisions as they are submitted. It also facilitates the activities of the LDraw Standards Committee (LSC) and also hosts content related to helping users.

The site has a wiki to provide a user-editable resource for tutorials, questions, articles and other content relating to the LDraw System Of Tools.

LDraw.org is governed by a five member Steering Committee, elected annually.

External links

  • LDraw.org home page
  • LDraw wiki

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