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A LEGO Master Model Builder is a person who works at the LEGO company, in one of several LEGO model shops around the world, builds LEGO models for marketing campaigns and Store displays, as well as participates in LEGO Building Happenings. LEGOLAND Model builders and Designers repair, mantain and build models for the LEGOLAND parks, such as Miniland exhibits and Parkwide Models. See also LEGO designer roles to learn more about the different roles and rankings of LEGO master builders, and the differences between LEGO Company and LEGOLAND Model Builders.


Current LEGOLAND Master Model Builders

LEGO Company Enfield, Connecticut

  • Dan Steinenger (official LEGO Master Model Builder)
  • Eric Varszegi (Star Wars movie fan, so builds a lot of shows & display Models for that product line.)
  • Steve Gerling (Worked for a long time as a contract employee, not a full time designer. VERY talented)
  • Francie Berger is a former Master Model Builder, and First ever American Model Designer.After being the Art Director of Shows and Events, in Enfield, and Special Events Manager in LEGO Mexico, she returned to Enfield and transfered to the Marketing Dept. Is now in charge of coordinating all models built at the low cost facility in Kladno, for Store Display across the US.

LEGOLAND California

  • Tim Petsche (Senior Model Designer)Joined LEGOLAND 1999
  • Kristi Klein (Senior Model Designer)Joined LEGOLAND 2003
  • Jonathan Eric Hunter (LEGO Model Designer)Joined LEGOLAND 2004
  • Eli DeSilva (LEGO Model Builder)


  • Glenn Christensen (Miniland Designer) Expert designer with more than 10 years experience.


  • Bernd Kicher (Model Designer) Helped design and build the large NASA building at LEGOLAND CA.
  • Stefan Ventivoglio (Model Designer)Helped design and build the large NASA building at LEGOLAND CA.


  • Guy Bagley (Chief Model Builder)
  • Paula Laughton (Model Builder Supervisor)Lives in Windsor. 1

2009 Model Builder Contest Winners

LEGOLAND California

  • Joel Baker (New hire) Joined LEGOLAND 2009
  • Brian Heins (New hire) Joined LEGOLAND 2009
  • Amanda Jouan (New hire) Joined LEGOLAND 2009
  • Mark Larson (New hire) Joined LEGOLAND 2009
  • Ryan Wood (New hire) Joined LEGOLAND 2009

Former Master Model Builders

Note: All are from the LEGOLAND California Model Shop 2001-2007.

  • Darren Ward. LEGO Model Designer. One of the Top Lego Model Designers. Retired* from LEGO model design in 2002, to pursue other design fields such as set design and exhibit design. Darren Ward is featured in the Official LEGO book, in the LEGO Model Makers section.
  • Dan Bennett. British Model designer. Designer at LEGOLAND UK and LEGOLAND California. Moved on to Weta studios, New Zealand, to build models for movies such as King Kong and The Chronicles of Narnia.
  • David Fautley. UK Model Animator and Designer. (Former-supervisor of the California shop*). Responsible for a large amount of the miniland New York and Harbour clusters in Legoland California. (Rockefeller Centre, etc.)
  • William W. Left LEGO 2005 to concentrate on architecture.
  • Bill Vollbrecht USA. Legoland CA. Designer. Works as a Design Director for the Co.
  • Jette Nielsen. A Danish LEGO Designer. In charge of the design on Miniland San Francisco and New Orleans (Legoland California). Retired* from LEGOLAND 2001.
  • Kenneth Petersen. Danish Model Designer and former Legoland Germany model shop supervisor.
  • Nathan Sawaya (New York, NY). Model builder at Legoland for 6 months. Then moved on to freelancing his art. Built a LEGO Life Size Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite. Notably the most active ex-Lego designer in the media, and the only ex LEGO employee accredited as a Certified LEGO professional.
  • Aaron Sneary USA. System Administrator, AFOL and former Legoland California model builder. Very active on LUGNET, Classic Space Forum, local AFOL clubs and BrikWars gaming.
  • Mariann Asanuma (LEGO Model Designer) The "Lego Lady". Retired* April 2007
  • Jason Poland (LEGO Model Builder).Retired* April 2007. Contributed an interview about the life in the ModelShop.
  • Kevin R (LEGO Retail Model Builder)
  • George Corn (LEGO Model Repairer)
  • Lainey (LEGO Model Repairer) Left after taking a 'Vacation'

Lego Systems Inc.

  • Paul Chzran. Lego model designer. Left the company a few years back.
  • Other people not named here have also been model designers, many others have been model builders, gluers.


Some former model builders in the US have spoken out about their experiences working in the modelshop2,3 at the Carlsbad Park.


  • 1 - Article about Paula Laughton
  • 2 - Viva LEGO Vegas
  • 3 - Discussion on LUGNET

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