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LEGOizer is a priopetary program that the LEGO model designers use as an aid in design for large organic sculptures. Another name for the program is BrickBuilder. Which was adopted after Company executives thought that Legoizer was an improper use of the word Lego.

The program works with 3D software files such as Wavefront (*.obj) files or 3D Studio (*.3ds) files and converts them to Lego BrickBuilder Model File (*.lbm). The main idea behing the software is to generate a 3D Lego brick model from the imported OBJ or 3DS files, and can create the 3D model in System bricks, System plates or Duplo bricks. The other portion of the program is what is essentially the most important feature, which is the generation of step by step flat grid patterns of 1x1 brick units, that serve as the 'building instructions' for model builders to build the model. 1*

Origin of LEGOIZER

The programs first versions were used in the 1990's. The LEGO Group had a special project called the Darwin Project*, where a group of computer scientists thought it would be a good idea to recreate all LEGO elements in 3D, which was the start of the digital revolution within the TLC, which started pretty late, in the mid 90's.

LEGOizer is a standalone program that is used with other 3D modeling programs.

Models created with LEGOizer, are noticeable less artistic than those done by human hand and mind, and traditional Lego Model Designers have expressed their hate of such program.*

In the Ultimate LEGO Book, the Sydney Opera House model is being built following instructions created in LEGOizer.

Program Interface

One main Window and a tool bar. The Tool bar is where all settings and parameters are adjusted.

The program is divided in tabs.

== Brick Model Tab. ==

The subportions of this tab are:

Brick Parameters 1x1 System Bricks 1x1 Systen plates 1x1 Duplo Bricks

Brick Size width, height, depth

Generate Bricks

Button to generate brick model.

Show Layers

Controls visibility of layers and other functions such as Draw Steps

Modeling Editing portion of the program where there are basic tools such as Select, paint, eyedropper, add brick and remove brick.

Here is where the 3D model is translated into a brick version of itself. By typing in the number of bricks, plates or Duplo bricks, in height, width or Depth, the program calculates and does its internal math and constructs the virtual brick model.

In earlier versions of the program, when importing a perfect sphere, and lego-izing it, you could see an imperfect Lego model created.

By definition, the sphere, when cut into 1/2 then that 1/2 cut again by 1/2 and so on, till you get the 1/8 portion, that is needed to design a prototype, comparing this 1/8 sections, there would be many irregularities in the model version. The Modelling tool comes in handy to adjust and modify the generated model, and being able to fine tune the brick model result.

Models built with LEGOizer

  • Dino Eggs
  • Tyro and eggs at Dino Coaster Legoland Parks
  • Dragon at Knights Tournament at LEGOLAND Parks
  • Sydney Opera House Miniland.
  • Monkeys at Monkey Motel. LEGOLAND Parks.
  • Halloween Pumpkin photo Op at LEGOLAND Parks.
  • Clyde and Matilda models
  • Video of the demostration of Legoizer program
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