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A LEGO Train Club or LTC is a club1 that has chosen to specialize in trains as the primary focus of their activity. Less theme-specific groups are usually called LUGs.

To see a list of LTCs and LUGs go to: Category:Fan groups.

There are a lot of LTCs out there, more than other theme specific clubs, because trains offer an area (through model railroad shows) for fans to display their collective work in large and elaborate layouts, something that other themes find more difficult since there is not a leveragable existing exhibition base to start from.

LTCs are eligible for ILTCO membership without needing to show train relatedness, it's assumed, although general clubs are eligible as well.

John Neal has made the logos for a large number of LTCs using Fallen Flag logos or heralds from real railroading, in accordance with conventional model railroad tradition.

1 - or SIG (Special Interest Group) or sub club of another club

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