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Website URL
Services and activities Online: Set data reference (updates ceased in 2012),
private collection info, discussion.
Real Life: none
Year founded 1999
Membership type(s) Free to read and post,
paid membership for private collection info
Membership cost minimum 10 USD donation
for lifetime membership
Target audience ALEs worldwide
Discussion groups? Yes, free to read and post with registration

LUGNET™ is the LEGO® Users Group NETwork, located here

It is a newsreader based community, that also offers web and mail access to discussion. Use is free, although membership (for a donation) provides access to a few additional features (set lists, set ratings, polls, easier posting).

LUGNET hosts discussion on a variety of LEGO related topics, including theme specific discussion for many of the themes LEGO has ever done, as well as locale specific discussion for many geographies, and organization specific discussion. Browsing the newsgroup hierarchy is a good way to find clubs and organizations.

LUGNET was founded in 1999 by Todd Lehman and Suzanne Rich. Since late June 2006, LUGNET is administered by René Hoffmeister, Gereon Stein, David Eaton and Dan Boger.

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