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Rivendell by Alice Finch and David Frank

Landscaping typically refers to the building of natural forms such as hills, mountains, forests, streams etc. as well as the animals and fields that inhabit the area. Landscaping with LEGO elements can be a little difficult due to the 'blockiness' of bricks but with a little planning (and a lot of bricks) it is quite possible.

To aid planning of collaborative displays modular landscaping standards have been proposed such as Brendan Mauro's Base8 and the Modular Integrated Landscaping System created by the staff of Hispabrick magazine.


Landscaping can be divided into three main components:

  1. Flora
  2. Fauna
  3. Terrain (hills, embankments etc.)

although there is obviously more to it than this.

With good landscaping, a diorama can really come alive and look much more real than if it was placed on a flat, grey or green set of baseplates.

External references

  • Some excellent landscaping in OnDrew Hartigan's Brickshelf gallery

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