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This article is about personal creations. For the My Own Creation LEGO theme go to My Own Creation Theme.

MOC is an acronym for My Own Creation and is typically pronounced just like the word "mock", although once in a while you'll hear people say "em-oh-cee". A MOC is something built of LEGO elements without using instructions provided in a set or idea book (aka stock model). Usually an original creation, the term is sometimes used to describe copies of another person's creation.

The term is used frequently in discussion within the ALE community and should not be confused with MOD which is a modification of an existing set. Sometimes those builders who specialize in MOCs are referred to as MOCers.

Sharing MOCs

BrickWiki is not designed as a place to share MOCs but there are many different places online that are suitable for showing the world what you have built.

Brickshelf is the oldest image-hosting site and allows users to create accounts and organize images and certain other files in folders. MOCpages offers a place to host writeups (with embedded references to Brickshelf hosted images) about MOCs. There is a group on LUGNET called announce.moc where people announce their MOCs and many theme-specific sites such as Classic-Castle, Forbidden Cove and the various parts of Eurobricks all provide a place to interact with other builders.

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