Metroliner (4558)

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Set number 4558,10001
Set name Metroliner
Number of pieces 768
Year released 1992,2001
  • First US prototype
  • First Legends set

Metroliner (4558) is a famous set in the Hobby trains line. First introduced in 1992, it was widely considered a classic and Mint In Sealed Box (MISB) copies would go for upwards of 400 USD on auction at eBay. It is a 3 unit passenger train of vaguely European design but it wears a paint scheme of contemporary Amtrak colors and striping. The name of course is the same as the Amtrak Metroliner as well making the set attractive to fans around the world.

The Metroliner was the first set rereleased (as 10001) in the Lego Legends line, and the re-release was announced by Brad Justus at the 2001 BrickFest.

The set Railroad Club Car (4557) was introduced as a companion set, it is a bilevel coach in the same livery which is commonly added to the metroliner train. It was also rereleased as part of Legends in 2001 as 10002

Both rereleases seem to have done well, selling through at least 2 production runs. The rerelease itself caused some controversy as collectors immediately observed that a depression in price for the original sets was likely to happen (which in fact did occur, MISB copies of the original set are now available for considerably less than 400 USD).

LUGNET ranking gives it 92 out of 100, easily placing it in the top 20 highest ranked sets by LUGNET members.

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