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A microscale tractor with driver.
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Micro-scale is a scale featuring models that are too small to fit a minifig. LEGO use the term "mini" to refer to sets that an AFOL would call micro-scale. This scale of building has been further refined by AFOLs in many themes such as Star Wars, Castle, Town and Trains.

Official LEGO micro-scale sets

  • The Star Wars Minis theme consists of 18 vehicles ranging from the Millenium Falcon to an Imperial Star Destroyer at a variety of different scales.
  • The Harry Potter Mini Knight Bus was a promotional release for the Harry Potter theme.
  • Tiny turbos are recent examples of the success of micro-scale models.
  • X-pods and some models from Advent calendars could also be considered micro-scale models.

LEGO Factory

When LEGO factory was launched in 2004 the intitial emphasis was on micro-scale models. A contest held to launch the new line chose several micro-scale models designed by AFOLs and TFOLs to be combined in sets and sold through Shop at Home.

AFOLs development

Sea & Town

Jean-Jacques Cousteau's Calypso (Joe Meno)

Space & Star Wars

Building instructions for Star Wars micro-scale models (Chris Deck)

Microscale version of CCC wall section
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Microscale castle building allows for the creation of castles, towns and other Medieval-themed creations that would be difficult or impossible at minifig scale. Examples:

  • Chateau de Hautefort (Don Bruce)
  • Notre Dame Cathedral (Arthur Gugick)


Sometimes referred to as 2-wide, micro-scale trains are at one end of the spectrum of train scales created by AFOLs .

  • Mini scale trains collection (Kecia Hanssen)
  • 2-wide diesel freight train and 2-wide steam train (Tony Hafner)
  • 2-wide steam train (Moko)
  • 2-stud freight wagon (James Mathis)
  • 2-wide train (Ross Neal)
  • Mini train steam engine (Didier Deses)
  • 2-wide diesel engine (Alban Nanty)
  • Working layout (from BrickFest 2005)

External Links

  • Microscale newsgroup on LUGNET
  • MicroBricks a blog devoted to microscale creations.
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