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Miniland is a section in a LEGOLAND theme park with LEGO buildings and people scaled much larger than the normal minifigure. LEGOLAND California's Miniland for example has buildings from cities like the Empire State Building and Grand Central Terminal from New York City. It also features the Golden Gate Bridge from San Franscisco, the US Capitol Building from Washington, DC, and a Mardi Gras celebration from New Orleans. LEGOLAND Billund has a LEGO replica of the buildings of the the early years of LEGO when it built wooden toys. The Miniland in LEGOLAND Windsor features a LEGO version of Big Ben from London.

Miniland Scale

The larger miniland figs are brick built in order to create a character large enough to be seen comfortably by park visitors and still allow for large landscapes including dense city blocks with hundreds of people.

The scale became popular with some adult fans starting circa 2010 in the [Wikipedia:Pacific Northwest|Pacific Northwest] leading to a large recurring display of miniland-style and larger figs called Bricks of Character at the annual BrickCon convention.

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