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Originally developed by AFOL's on the East Coast of the United States the first large scale Moonbase display was in Seattle at NWBrickCon demonstrating the utility of a modular building system.

Moonbase is a term for a modular building standard developed by the Space community c.2002. Creations built following the standard can be joined together to form large, elaborate bases on the moon (or other planets).

Spiffcraft flying over a Moonbase layout.


Components of the system

Moonbase modules are built on 48x48 stud grey baseplates. Each module should connect at one (or more) of four predetermined points to create a Corridor Connection to a neighbouring module(s).

Other connections are possible and many Moonbases are augmented by motorized transport in the form of monorail, SpaceTrain or Moonbase Transportation Vehicle (MTV) systems.

Micro Moonbase

A microscale variant of the standard was created to create larger lunar landscapes.

See: Micro Moonbase

DelVaLUG Moonbase 2012

In 2012 a modification of the standard was developed by DelVaLUG2012 which raised the baseplates 5 plates (or one brick and two plates) off the table surface. This is similar to the Baseplate Plus Brick modification to the Classic Castle City Standard used in many Castle displays.

External Links

  • build a moonbase by Jon Palmer on Flickr
  • LEGO Moonbase Flickr group.
  • 2012 - LEGO Space 2012 a Facebook group dedicated an updated moonbase standard and other projects.

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