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Website URL
Services and activities reference catalog for parts, sets
inventories and instructions
Real Life: none
Year founded 1998
Membership type(s) Free access, but sellers can be members of
Peeron Associated Stores
Membership cost Free for the general user, seller selected fee per month
Target audience ALEs worldwide who need
part or set information
Discussion groups? No

Peeron is a set database with set inventories and an instruction scan repository (PICSL1) run by Dan Boger, with the help of a number of volunteers (Clark Stephens, TWS Garrison and a number of developers).

You can perform queries such as show all sets that contain a certain part, or show the inventory of a set. Sets are linked to the LUGNET Guide, Brickset and to PICSL1 for scans.

Using the Peeron Associated Stores you can see whether there are BrickLink stores (a subset, only those that joined the Peeron Associated Stores program) that have the part or set you are interested in, and a general idea of price and quantity, by color.

You can keep a list of sets and parts that you own (or crosslink to your list on the LUGNET Guide) which allows allows Peeron to show you what sets you own that contain particular parts, and how many parts in each color you have, when viewing a part.

Peeron is one of the three major sources (with BrickLink and for nomenclature and classification, it maintains a color list, and assigns (in cooperation with LDraw) names and numbers for parts that haven't yet been named.

1 - PICSL (Peeron Instruction and Catalog Scan Library) was originally housed on Brickshelf as the Instructions Scan Library but was moved to Peeron in 2005.

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