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Building round objects from rectangular bricks is a challenge. This makes MOCs which employ round building techniques all the more impressive.

  • Just bricks: use 1 x 2 bricks (or plates) and flex them. Explained at
  • Hinges in a row: like
  • Bricks and cylinders: you can alternate a 1 x 2 (or longer) brick with a 1 x 1 round brick (or a 1 x 2 plate with a 1 x 1 round plate). For an example, see
  • Tank treads (John Boozer): use tank treads for a central core, attaching an outer facade to them. Explained at
  • Brackets and plates (Deb Higdon): alternately stack angle brackets and plates, leaving a slight gap each time.
  • Hinges: similar to brackets and plates, but using hinges, like Nannan Z.
  • Expert builder gear and ZNAP beams: by bikicsmilan
  • Steering wheel used as hub, attached to circumference with your choice of clip piece. For example this Buckeyball by Bram.

See Also

  • Generator for software tools for generating patterns
  • On Round Tower Techniques

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