Santa Fe Super Chief (10020)

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Set number 10020
Set name Santa Fe Super Chief (Trains)
Number of pieces 436
Year released 2002
  • First train set explicitly based on real prototype
  • Numbered, collectible tile

The Santa Fe Super Chief was an unmotorized (but easily motorizable, instructions and parts other than the motor were included) LEGO Trains kit released in 2002 by Shop@Home. The original run was limited to 10,000 units each of which came with an individually numbered 1x2 tile. Later editions of this set do not feature the special tile.

Note that rivet counters take slight umbrage at the name of the set, as, technically, the SFSC is a model of a locomotive, (an EMD F unit in ATSF warbonnet paint, to be precise) and the prototype Super Chief is not a locomotive but rather a named train. However, the crisis of nitpickery was mitigated by the later release of the matching Super Chief train cars in sets 10022 and 10025 (designed by James Mathis) which allowed modelers to build the complete train.

NGLTC operates a registry for owners of the limited edition tiles, with a list of who owns them and where they are located.

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