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Logo for Save 9V Trains

Save 9V Trains

Website URL
Services and activities Online: articles, discussion.
Real Life: none yet
Year founded 2006
Membership type(s) Free registration required to contribute, no other restrictions
Membership cost Free
Target audience LEGO Train enthusiasts
Discussion groups? Yes, read access is open to all

Save 9V Trains was a campaign and website created to lobby LEGO to persuade them to continue production of the 9V, electrified metal rail trains system.

From their website:

The future of 9 volt trains as we all know them is in jeopardy. LEGO is in the process of deciding by year end whether the electric 9 volt train line will continue. This effects a large percentage of LEGO Fans and LEGO Clubs. We need to make our case to the LEGO Company as to why the 9 volt train line is worth saving.

The Save 9V Trains campaign was ambivalent toward the new IR controlled (but still 9V) trains. In 2007 LEGO announced the end of the 9V line promising to make improvements to the IR product starting in 2008.

Technical Information

Save 9V Trains was based on the open-source Geeklog Content Management System. The forum used the phpBB bulletin board package, via the phpbbbridge plugin.
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