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Scale refers to the proportional representations of people and objects in relation to the real-world or, more frequently, to the size of a person.

Scales in the LEGO world

  • Minifig scale is proportioned to the size of the standard minifig. This is sometimes referred to as system-scale as it is often considerd the default scale for LEGO sets.
  • L-Gauge is similar but refers specifically to the width of track and rolling stock of LEGO trains.
  • Micro-scale is actually a range of scale models where the size of a person is smaller than a minifig. LEGO has sold sets at this scale but refers to them as mini-scale.
  • Nanoscale is a scale so small that a person can't be represented.
  • classic scale was the standard scale in the 1960's. It fits somewhere between minifig and micro scale.

Other Train Scales

Trains are built in many scales and scale is a source of great debate in the world of LEGO trains.

see: Trains of other scales

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