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The word kit could also be used but is seldom - if ever - used to describe LEGO products.

A LEGO set is a package containing the bricks and instructions to create a given design. Each set has a unique set number and title (with a few exceptions). A list of famous sets can be found here in the famous sets category and comprehensive set guides (or set lists) are included at Peeron, Lugnet, Bricklink and Brickset.


LEGO describes sets using the format Set Title (Set Number) which BrickWiki has chosen to emulate as a convention.

To include a link to the Peeron entry for a set (assuming it is not notable enough to have its own article in BW) you can use the Template:Set.


Many fans have engaged in numerous debates regarding sets including:

  • Juniorization - making sets too easy.
  • Gender - lack of representation of females.
  • Race - lack of diversity.
  • Basic brick - the complaint that sets used to be about general building, not theme building to instructions.

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