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According to Brian Davis' lexicon, a great ball contraption shooter uses high-speed wheels grab a ball and launch it upward. Difficult to ensure no dropped or lost balls, consistency could be difficult as well.



  • door-spanner: toss balls one by one over the entry door to the room, catching in a large catchbasin.
  • juggler: more than one throwing device going to one or more catchbasins, with the possibility of interleaved streams.
  • spanner: balls thrown over a perpendicular module streamDavis.


May require a clocker to make sure mechanism isn't swamped by too many balls too fast, and feeding into the wheel(s) could be tough.


Height of throw may vary, but angle need not be dead vertical, and a high catchbasin could collect balls at the top.


MOC builder explanation given image available video available instructions available follows GBC standard
Accelerator LegoGBC English flickr yes no no
Accelerator Module Yiharua English yes yes yes yes

External References

Davis - The Great Ball Contraption

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