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This article is about building brick studs. For Sydney LUG or measurement unit go to Studs or Stud (measurement unit) respectively.

A stud is the small round protrusions which appear at the top of most LEGO or other brand building bricks. In LEGO bricks, it typically is either hollow (see Rod and Hollow Stud for an example usage) or has the LEGO logo printed on the top.

One way to easily spot counterfeit or clone bricks is by the use of a different logo or none at all on the stud.

Other terms

Stud is the preferred term among the ALE community, but you'll also hear the protrusion called

  • pip
  • dot (which is also used by some to refer to the 1x1 round plate)
  • nub
  • knob
  • bump

or other things.

Related terms

  • Studless is used to refer to models with no (or very few) visible studs. It is popular with space builders.
  • The 'stud' is commonly used as a measurement of the dimension of elements or models. For more information see LDU.
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