Stud and tube

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Stud and tube

"male" connection Stud
"female" connection Tube
Continuous or Discrete? Continuous
Degrees Of Freedom 1 Rotational
Friction? Yes
Fan Developed? No

Stud and Tube is the oldest type of connection still extant in the LEGO System and was part of the patent for the bricks still used today. The connection is realised when one or more studs (usually on the top surface of a brick, but not necessarily) are plugged into a brick surface that has tubes arranged in a pattern such that they touch the sides of the studs.

This connection can rotate under friction, but it's rotation may be restricted by other connection restraints, commonly other Stud and Tube connections. For example, connecting two 2x2 bricks together by a single corner stud allows rotation, but if connected directly on top of one another, there are now four Stud and Tube connections, each restricting the rotation of the others.

Plugging one 2x4 brick into the bottom of another is an example of Stud and Tube.

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