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This article is coming along nicely now! It's a good article that is part of a "constructopedia"... See this seminal paper by Fred Martin: [ Art Of LEGO (pdf)] in fact.. that' sprobably article fodder on its own.

I don't understand what you mean about this article being part of a constructopedia. Can you explain? --Venkatesh 20 July 2005 14:15 (Eastern Daylight Time)
See the Fred Martin article for an example. Briefly, the meaning I use for it is a source or collection of building techniques and ideas that can be used as a resource for users wanting to learn how to be better builders, or who want to solve a particular problem and want to know which technique they should try first. Hmm.. that sounds like an article stub. ++Lar 20 July 2005 14:32 (Eastern Daylight Time)
and so it was. See Constructopedia We need to recruit Dr. Soh, by the way. ++Lar 20 July 2005 14:44 (Eastern Daylight Time)
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