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Seems kinda non NPOV when it gets to the part about 8wides, those are not the only fan developed thing about trains, and it doesn't mention the controversy around them. Big Ben Bricks custom parts are very significant, as are the many custom kit designers offering train cars/locos/buildings (more than any other theme, I'd say.. but then I admit of POV in this area) The article is coming along nicely! Need to get the other Tim involved too... ++Lar 21 July 2005 15:42 (Eastern Daylight Time)

Aah! The 8 wides. I was actually going to create a page called "8 wide vs 6 wide" at some point. If you look through my Lugnet posts you'll see I'm firmly on your team there ;-) I left some big sections empty for bigger trainheads than I but just wanted to get the ball rolling. I agree we need more on the commerce side of things too. To quote you to you "Be bold!". --Tim 21 July 2005 16:46 (Eastern Daylight Time)
In case you search for information about 6vs8 controversy, this lugnet thread may be a good start (thread from 2000 ! wow - 5 years !).
Another idea about train (I will wrote about later if nobody do before) is the microscale train :
  • Tony Hafner :
  • Tony Hafner :
  • Ross Neal :
  • Kecia Hanssen :
  • Didier Deses :
  • and mine :


UM.. GREAT stuff. Be bold! Get it in the article! Maybe we need an article on MicroScale too ++Lar 22 July 2005 07:22 (Eastern Daylight Time)


New additions, and requests for more

OK, I've added a little more, including custom kit (with link). Its up to Larry to add the article on the Guild of Bricksmiths since he knows more about it than any of us (apologies to any other Guild members here). And Didier, where's that microscale article you teased us with. As for eightwide/sixwide, I'm not sure I want to go there although noone has bitten my occasional bait with regards to the skill and brilliance of those who work in smaller scales on Lugnet for a while so maybe a truce has been drawn. Tim 26 July 2005 14:09 (Eastern Daylight Time)

Shop at home as part of history section

I think the shop at home stuff and the mention of the efforts of Brad and Jake is goodness but maybe history needs to be subdivided... there are clearly 3 eras and putting s@H there, even with a smaller font heading, muddies that. perhaps a section about how Trains have always been a stealth product, mentioning that the first two era 12V stuff was never available in the US, mentioning how trains have always been more popular in germany, and culminating with the section about S@H and the My Own Train line, (first designs by Jorn, the train summit, how trains and ILTCO go together) and the models by James Mathis, might have merit.

I'll edit that in myself if I get a chance....

as for the GoB, I'll put somehting togther, I agree, I'm probably the logical primary article author there.

++Lar 26 July 2005 16:12 (Eastern Daylight Time)

This is still a stub

IMHO. With all the stuff on the talk page that hasn't been said/moved in there is no way this article is anywhere CLOSE to what all needs to be said.... Need to try to rope Tim David, Ben Beneke or someone else into doing more content. ++Lar 28 July 2005 14:33 (Eastern Daylight Time)

To be perfectly honest, I'm still not 100% sure what a stub is. Wikipedia seems to say it is an article which says enough but no more than about 10 lines, by which category this is not a stub. They don't have rules (which they should, and if they do, should make more obvious) for what is NOT a stub. Tim 28 July 2005 14:43 (Eastern Daylight Time)
PS. I see that there is a broader definition for a stub buried on the page which makes this article a stub.

Personally I think that the Wikipedia concept/implementation of stubs is awry. Better would be to have: stub - defines the articles title, litte more, work_in_progress - covers sufficient ground to be useful but could do with additional information. That way if you are an 'expert', you can go work on a stub or a work_in_progess whereas a 'layman' might only turn a stub into a work_in_progress. This article would be a work_in_progress as it has sufficient information as a basic article but is such a wide topic it could do with lots more information. Thats my little rant for the hour. Tim 28 July 2005 15:12 (Eastern Daylight Time)

I think they're awry too, and there is a fair bit of warngling about it (they have 19,000 different stub types!) As for WiP, like that idea a lot... why don't you take the stub template and turn it into a WiP template via copy... you could enhance the stub template with your definition of stub and the WiP with your definition of WiP... ++Lar 28 July 2005 15:40 (Eastern Daylight Time)

trivia feet to metres wrong way round

3K feet is only about 1K metres, not 10K. What are you using for the conversion 1m == 39.37 in? That's what we all use here, IIRC. Also the timeline should be converted. ALso, what about duplo trains? And duplo in general??? ++Lar 09:42, 6 August 2005 (Eastern Daylight Time)


Has anyone ever built a minifig-scale (or some other large-scale) train station? I don't mean little ones or unimportant ones. I mean DC Union Station or NY Grand Central-type things. Those would be works of magic and art.--Venkatesh 20:14:06, 2005-10-05 (Eastern Daylight Time)

Cincinnati Union Terminal at the recent NMRA show. It's rather large. inside outside front Tim 20:41, 5 October 2005 (Eastern Daylight Time)
Drop Scott Lyttle a note, perhaps he can be persuaded to make an article. There is lots to be said about that project!... ++Lar 23:38, October 5, 2005 (Eastern Daylight Time)
I'll create a structure based superstub for a train station article with a section for the CUT project. It can always be split of to a new article if it gets big but until then it seems a natural home. I hadn't really thought about it before but train station design is quite a specific type of modelling which deserves its own article. Tim 06:13, 6 October 2005 (Eastern Daylight Time)


Why were the specific events chosen for the timeline? What about the first 12V trains, which came after the 4.5V trains - 1969, wasn't it? The Super Chief is important as the first model of an acknowledged prototype, but the Metro Station? Why? SpaceCaptain 20:11, February 4, 2006 (Eastern Standard Time)

No particular reason. Just the ones Lar (or me, can't remember who did it) thought of. If you wish to add more, please do. Tim 20:47, 4 February 2006 (Eastern Standard Time)
Yes, please do add more! Those were just the first ones we thought of. I think we may need a template to get the bullets right though, the way I did it is very dodgy... ++Lar: t/c 21:04, February 4, 2006 (Eastern Standard Time)
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