Technic axle to Technic hole

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Technic axle to Technic hole

"male" connection Technic Axle
"female" connection Technic Hole
Continuous or Discrete? Continuous
Degrees Of Freedom 1 Rotational, 1 Translational
Friction? No
Fan Developed? No

Technic Axle to Technic Hole is a connection between parts with the + cross section (including axles, axles-pins, axle with towball, etc) and parts with a round hole (the hole that takes a Technic Pin). Parts include Technic beams, half beams, some holes in lift arms etc.

The connection allows rotation, and also does allow sliding along the axis of the axle (neither under friction), so the connection has 1 degree of freedom plus linear sliding. Note also that some axle parts have features which limit the amount of movement allowed, for example axle-pins and axle 5.5 with stop.

Note:This is a Connection System article and should be illustrated with pictures or renderings of the connection type, details, and should give dimensions in LDU of the key parts of the connection where that makes sense.

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