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The Brothers Brick (TBB) is one of the earliest and arguably the most successful general LEGO blogs created by and for fans.


Audience and Focus

TBB is a leading source for LEGO-related news and opinion for adult fans. New set releases, community events, and opinion pieces feature prominently alongside featured MOCs from a wide variety of builders.


First titled Dunechaser's Blocklog, it began life as Andrew Becraft's personal blog. After deciding to turn it into a blog featuring MOCs from builders all over the world, Andrew brought Josh Wedin onboard. A name change was required and Andrew and Josh hosted a contest to choose the name; The Brothers Brick was born in 2005.


By 2012 the list of contributors1 included more than a dozen authors representing a wide variety of themes. Contributors have included many past and current participants in the ambassador program and have come from North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

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