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Tile edge and stud pair CT.png

Tile edge and stud pair

"male" connection Tile Edge
"female" connection Pair of Studs
File:Tile edge and stud pair Female CT.png
Female part: Pair of Studs
Continuous or Discrete? Continuous
Degrees Of Freedom 1 Translational
Friction? Yes
Fan Developed? No

Tile Edge and Stud Pair is a connection in which the edge of a tile (or plate) is inserted vertically into the gap between two studs (or 2 rows of studs). It is a force fit and quite strong. The tile edge goes all the way down to the surface that the studs protrude from. If the tile is wider than one brick, you can position the tile whereever you like, it does not need to be aligned with the studs, it can be half offset, or some fraction, as you desire.

The connection is rigid. There is some thought that because it's such a tight fit, it may cause stud deformation over time.

This technique is not originally fan developped but is old and has been under-used. It appears on sets 311, 609, 613 and was systematically used in early castle sets for horses' ears purpose (6075 and 6083 for instance) . You will learn a lot about this technique also known as TOPLESs here : TOPLESs by Erik Amzallag. Erik comprehensive article is based on various examples from AFOLs and a commented and widely illustrated integration with other common SNOT and AZMEP techniques into a MOC (a footbridge).

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