Trains of other scales

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Trains of different scales

As well as the conventional six-wide trains and eight-wide trains, AFOLs have built trains to various scales, just as there is a range of scales in commercial model railways.

Microscale or two-wide train.
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Scales using conventional 12V or 9V Lego track

8mm:1ft Scale trains work out at 1 stud to the foot, making the 9V Lego track gauge roughly equivalent to 4ft 8.5ins, the gauge of trains in many countries. They are built as closely as possible to the scale, within the practical limits of Lego pieces. British trains in this scale are 8-wide; American trains are 10-wide.

  • British trains by Mark Bellis

1:24 scale trains built with technic figures. Trains are 20-wide scale (a similar scale to LEGOLAND parks which use custom motors and track).

  • Dutch NS6400 and others by Vincent Veneman

Narrow Gauge trains can be built to different sizes. One of the more popular sizes makes vehicles between 13 and 16 studs wide on 9V Lego track, with Technic figures for passengers.

  • Clarens Chailly Blonay CE2 2 by Tim David

Scales using other track

There is no limit to the experiments of AFOLs, nor to the range of trains they have made:

A 4-wide train approximates to 3.2mm:1ft scale (for American prototypes) or 4mm:1ft scale (for British prototypes). This one would use the old 4.5V/12V plastic rails and is battery powered. The rails would be 1.5 studs apart. The motor takes up the whole cab of the engine and the battery box takes up the whole of the tender.

Scales using no track

Many AFOLs have built trains in 2-wide or micro-scale. These trains can be without tracks entirely or mounted on custom tracks. Some AFOLs have even succesfully powered such trains using magnets and belt-driven movements.

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