Two finger to three finger hinge

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Two finger to three finger hinge

"male" connection 2 Finger Hinge End
"female" connection 3 Finger Hinge End
Continuous or Discrete? Continuous
Degrees Of Freedom 1 Rotational
Friction? Yes
Fan Developed? No

2 Finger to 3 Finger Hinge is a connection between the paired parts of the older hinge system. This system has been partially supplanted by the Click Hinge. These hinges are comprised of "fingers" the same thickness as a plate, which extend horizontally or vertically from a plate or tile. The 2 finger end has small rounded protrusions on the sides of the fingers, which engage shallow depressions on the three finger end of the mating part.

The connection allows rotation (with friction) around the axis drawn through center of the bumps and hollows of the fingers.

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